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The goal of PPGCAT is increasing the number of professionals at Brazil’s Northeast holding a Master and/or PhD. These professionals are expected to work into a multidisciplinary context, and perform activities related to teaching, research and technological development in the areas of Agricultural, Biological and Health Sciences. The research staff often develop their work in partnership and interdisciplinarity, which provides the contact between undergraduate from technical courses and graduate students whom carry on research in different areas.     



Master – 2 years (maximum period)

Doctorate – 4 years (maximum period)



Students enrolled to PPGCAT may apply for scholarships, which are intended to cover living expenses. To receive a scholarship, the student’s project must be submitted and approved by local or national funding agencies. Researchers enrolled to PPGCAT are expected to obtain financial support for their research (consumables and equipment) through state or national funding agencies.




Researchers enrolled to PPGCAT have collaborations with colleagues from different universities and research institutes from Brazil and overseas:



  1. The National Laboratory for Agriculture  - LANAGRO;
  2. Pernambuco Defence Agency and Monitoring for Agriculture - ADAGRO;
  3. Agronomic Institute of Pernambuco - IPA;
  4. Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation – EMBRAPA/Sobral - CE;
  5. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science - USP;
  6. São Paulo State University – UNESP/Botucatu and Jaboticabal;
  7. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ;
  8. Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro - FIOCRUZ – RJ;
  9. Biological Institute of São Paulo;
  10. Keizo Asami Immunopathology Laboratory – LIKA/UFPE;
  11. Aggeu Magalhaes Laboratory – FIOCRUZ/PE.

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