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The majority of the professionals graduated in the Postgraduate Program in Tropical Animal Science / PPGCAT, at master's level, have sought to continue their academic training, at the doctoral level, in the program itself or in other related Understand the importance of high-level training for those seeking to develop their professional activity in academia, research institutes or companies that contribute to local development or multinational companies.

In this sense we can present a brief profile of our graduates who made defenses in their dissertations so distributed: during the year 2013 were 14 dissertations defended; 2014 were 16; 2015 were 15, 2016 were 19 and in 2017 there have already been 11 defenses. For the defenses of doctorates occurred as follows: in 2014, after 40 months of implementation of the course the first defense of Thesis occurred and the student was already part of the faculty of an IFES; 2015 were 4, in 2016 occurred 9 and in the year 2017 so far 4 thesis defenses.

The trained professionals have sought so much continuous training, as the masters give continuity to the doctoral formation.

It is important to point out that UFRPE has a specific coordinator for follow-up of graduates, which is the CAME / UFRPE has the objective of developing a policy of Monitoring and Monitoring of Graduates, considering the opportunities for professional training and continuing education, insertion in the world of work and Implementation of institutional actions to meet scientific, market, economic and social demands. Coordinator: Vera Lúcia Pereira de Souza

This monitoring is done through social networks and email.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EgressosUFRPE

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EgressosUFRPE

Emails: egressos@ufrpe.br

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